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     Check out this release from a side project of mine called The Bon Crowes.  It's a Beatles covers album that features reimaginings of some of their less known tunes.



    Stay tuned for info on the forthcoming PB release....... 








    Hey friends!  The 2103 PB release The Victorian, featuring nine rich and textural folk-rock tracks, expressing a range of experience from the euphoria of youth and regrets of faded friendships, to the sacrifices of adulthood, is available both digitally and as CD hard copy!  Go on over to store and purchase your copy if the mood strikes.....


    Check out this favorable review of said record from indie record review site theequalground.com!


    Of course, many people still prefer the more tangible experience of holding your media in your hand, so I heartily recommend you order your physical copy today from our 'store.'  Plus, you get some nice artwork and all the lyrics (I worked hard writing those!).


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